Xenoblade Novelisation Contents Page

This is a project I started in November 2011, because I loved the game so much after finishing it that I really wanted to do something with it.

I’ll be updating at least every three weeks; I hope to do more over my summer and winter breaks. I welcome all feedback, particularly that which is constructive. So sit back, and enoy the read.

Xenoblade Novelisation 001 - Display Image

Chapter 1: The Battle of Sword Valley

Chapter 2: HometownColony 9

Chapter 3: Eternal Bond

Chapter 4: The Mysterious Monado

Chapter 5: Tephra Cave

Chapter 6: Attack on Colony 9

Chapter 7: Citizen Soldiers

Chapter 8: It’s Shulk’s Turn

Chapter 9: The Art of Breaking

Chapter 10: The Call

Chapter 11: The Journey Begins

Chapter 12: Do You Wish to Change It?

Chapter 13: Saving Private Reyn

Chapter 14: The Bionis’ Leg

Chapter 15: Stupid Kid!

Chapter 16: Spiral Valley

Chapter 17: A New Face

Chapter 18: Promises

Chapter 19: Into the Ether Mines

Chapter 20: Impatience

Chapter 21: The Central Pit

Chapter 22: Xord

Chapter 23: “Let ’em Have it, Beast!”

Chapter 24: Reminiscence

Chapter 25: Daksha Shrine

Chapter 26: Helping the Refugees

Chapter 27: Save the Girl!

Chapter 28: Raguel Lake

Chapter 29: Beware the Tirkin

Chapter 30: Satorl Marsh

Chapter 31: Exile Fortress

Chapter 32: Daring of the Giants

Chapter 33: Gem Which Cannot Be Stolen

Chapter 34: The Shimmering Marsh

5 thoughts on “Xenoblade Novelisation Contents Page”

  1. Read a few chapters of this. it seems very nice! I’m just wondering: is this novelization gonna strictly follow the game’s plot, or are there gonna be any changes in, well, anything? Either way, great work, I’m probably gonna finish reading until the latest chapter now!

    1. I’ll be following the game’s plot and also doing some quests, particularly the major ones.

      There was an unused map file in the game’s code for the Bionis’ Left Shoulder, which looks like it may have been the home of the Giants and had what appeared to be a Homs colony. So I’ll be throwing that in there. But apart from that, I’ll largely be sticking with the story. I also plan to occasionally cut back to colony 6 so we can see how construction is going.

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