Beasts of Monster Hunter X: Osutogaroa

Monster Hunter X - Osutogaroa Display

This article covers the final boss from Monster Hunter X, the Osutogaroa, as well as its new status ailment. Come in and read more if you’re keen!

Osutogaroa, or the “Corpse Dragon”, acts as both the gateway to high rank quests and the online final boss in Monster Hunter X. It’s so massive, the game has given this elder dragon two icons; one for the head, and one for the tentacles. The head will remain underground in your first tussle with it, but will appear aboveground in the second battle at the end of high rank.

The fight takes place in the Wyvern Graveyard, an area filled with the skeletones from the beast’s previous feasts. It makes the most of this, covering its two large tentacles in bones to protect them, topping each with a head they can use to attack. These bones can be smashed off by smashing each tentacle three times, each break giving up a shiny that can be used with the ballistae. The Wyvern Graveyard is truly Osutogaroa’s lair, with the area changing colour to a dark blue when the creature becomes enraged. The blue spots on its tentacles will turn red as well.

Monster Hunter X - Osutogaroa Enraged

With Osutogaroa comes a couple of new status ailments: mucous and boned. ‘Mucous’ covers you in a coat of sticky blue liquid. The mucous itself does nothing, but if you roll or get hit, the bones on the ground or on the tentacles will stick to you and afflict the ‘boned’ status. Boned works in the same way as a snow or a mud ball; you’re unable to use any items or attack, with rolling and running all you have available to you. It can be cured with a cleanser. You can be rid of the mucous by rolling in water, and it will also disappear on its own after a short time.

You can be afflicted with mucous by the balls the main body will shoot at you, hovering above your head for a second or two before they drop. The heads at the end of the tentacles are capable of flinging a mucous ball across the map in the same way other monsters do with fireballs, and they may fire a beam of it around themselves or in a straight line towards you as well. You can even get covered in mucous just standing near the main body as it seeps out its side, so be wary.

The tentacles have a few physical attacks. Their most-used one is a forwards slam on to the ground, which will do decent damage if they connect. If you dodge it, it becomes a good opportunity to get some hits in. They may sweep in a wide area in front of the main  body to catch you, or burrow underground and spring back out of the ground from underneath you.

Monster Hunter X - Osutogaroa Trailer

As Osutogaroa is a top predator, the tentacles have more than just regular bones available to them. For example, they may pick up Brachydios parts and then cover you in explosive slime, or maybe put on the head of a fire-breathing monster and slam into the ground to send fire flying everywhere. One of them even allows it to shoot a bright red beam, inflicting dragonblight on contact.

Breaking all the bones off the tentacles will cause Osutogaroa to topple over, leaving you free to hit the weak spots on its back. You’ll have to be careful, however, as the rest of its back is incredibly hard, and your weapons will bounce off all but a very narrow window.

At some points during the battle, Osutogaroa will burrow underground and head to the outer region of the area to swim around just out of reach, accessible only to gunners and particularly long blademaster weapons. This is the best time to shoot it with the ballista, ammo for which you can find in the item box and in gathering points around the area.

This is the Osutogaroa fight at the end of low rank, where the monster will flee after you do enough damage. At the end of high rank, things change a bit.

Monster Hunter X - Osutogaroa Face

The most notable change is that after a short time, phase two will begin, and the monster will expose its face. Knocking the bones off its tentacles will expose its face rather than its back; normally standing near the face would do damage, but a full double tentacle break will temporarily stop this. Alternatively while it’s down, you can climb on to its back and mine or drop some anti-dragon bombs.

In this second phase, Osutogaroa is able to make pillars of mucous or red dragonblight-inflicting beams shoot out of the ground. The tentacles also gain access to an Uragaan head, so they can harness the power of that monster’s smashes.

The best part about the high rank version, though, is that you get to actually kill the thing. When it dies, it does so in spectacular fashion, loosing a powerful beam into the roof of its lair so it begins to crash down around you as you carve.

That’s it for my Monster Hunter X series. Hope you’ve enjoyed it, and happy hunting!

Monster Hunter X - Osutogaroa Rathalos

Images taken from the Monster Hunter Wiki and Gaijin Hunter.

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