Beasts of Monster Hunter X: Glavenus

Monster Hunter X - Dinovaldo Render

The Glavenus is the fourth flagship from Monster Hunter X, featuring a tail that makes for an interesting fight.

Glavenus is the fourth and final flagship in Monster Hunter X. It’s covered in dark red scales, peppered with indigo spikes jutting out of its back and ending in a bright blue tail. It’s a new kind of brute wyvern, cut from the same cloth as the likes of Deviljho or Brachydios. As you may have guessed from its fiery personality, Glavenus is weakest to water, with dragon coming in second.

I’m sure you could tell at a glance that the tail can be lopped off. It needs to be broken first, however, and from there can only be cut when it’s red-hot; you can see the break in the chips on the spikes and the scars around the base. The tail, you see, has three different phases. The blue one you see in the render above is its regular state, and it’s tough; my weapons bounce far more when it’s blue. From there, it will bite down on the tail, which will ignite and turn bright orange from the heat. After the tail cools off, it will become covered in ash and turn black, before reverting to blue. While it’s blue or black, the tail cannot be cut, though it can be broken.

Glavenus’s other breakable parts include its head, back and legs. The head breaks twice; the first break snaps its left horn, while the second scars either side of its head. Its back break is most easily spotted by looking at the two largest spikes, as they will be partially broken and showing a different colour. Its arms will become pockmarked after they break, with its skin showing through beneath its shattered scales.

Monster Hunter X - Dinovaldo Tail Slam

Glavenus uses its tail in a lot of its attacks. If you’re close to it, it may twist to poke its tail at you or pirouette on the spot, kicking up flames and knocking you over. One of its faster, more terrifying attacks is the tail slam; the monster turns quickly and smashes it into the ground, dealing a ton of damage on contact. When it’s enraged, it may do this twice in a row, which I’m still getting the hang of dodging.

Its most devastating attack is its giant tail spin. It’ll clamp down on its tail, fixing its eyes on you so it can watch as you either put up your shield or flee before letting go, spinning in a gigantic circle that will absolutely smash you if you haven’t properly prepared. It has another attack with a similar start-up, but will end in a flick of its tail that does less damage and has smaller reach than its huge one.

Monster Hunter X - Dinovaldo Tail Bite

Glavenus, like most fire-wielding monsters, is capable of shooting fireballs across the map which will set you on fire on contact. Something other fire-wielding monsters cannot do, however, is spit out a pellet of fire which will sit briefly on the ground. This will then explode after a few seconds, engulfing the immediate vicinity in flames. Its most mundane attack is its bite; it’ll step forward while snapping its jaws, which may inflict fireblight if it catches you.

Glavenus’s unique armour skill is related to the sharpness of its tail. Hard Polish will, after using a whetstone, prevent your sharpness from decreasing at all for one minute. Gunners will gain an attack boost for the minute while it’s active. This is probably my favourite of the four flagship skills.

Monster Hunter X - Dinovaldo Fireball

Next week is the last in the Monster Hunter X series, on the Ostuogaroa!

Images taken from the Monster Hunter Wiki.

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