Beasts of Monster Hunter X: Mizutsune

Monster Hunter X - Tamamitsune Render

This week we look at the third of the four flagships, the graceful Mizutsune! It brings with it a new status ailment.

Mizutsune is the third flagship monster of Monster Hunter X and a new member of the leviathan family. It’s the favourite new flagship of series director, Ryozo Tsujimoto. Its battle music is one of my favourite tracks in the entire series, which is probably because it reminds me so much of my beloved Okami. This monster is weakest to thunder, followed by dragon, so bear that in mind when selecting your weapon.

Monster Hunter X - Tamamitsune Face

Mizutsune has a long, slender body, shaded purple, pink and yellow. Its underbelly and tail is coated in fur, with its dorsal side, legs, neck and face being covered in scales. Its back features large, breakable fins growing out of it, which are coloured the same as the fins on its head. These fins will turn an unmistakeably bright red when it’s enraged. Its limbs end in surprisingly hard claws; my weapons have been bouncing off them far more than anything else.

Its head breaks twice; the first scars its left eye and breaks the whisker next to it, while the second very noticeably cuts off one of the fins on the left side of its head. The back also breaks, with the fins losing their points when successfully smashed. The claws can be broken, and the fluffy tail also comes off, but needs to be broken once before it can be cut.

Monster Hunter X - Tamamitsune Curl

Mizutsune wields the new bubbleblight, which it inflicts by literally spitting out bubbles. Bubbleblight makes it hard for the hunter to move, causing them to slip and fall over when afflicted. Its special armour skill, “bubble dance”, coats the hunter in special bubbles that grant both evasion +1 and constitution +1 when it activates, reducing stamina use and increasing evasive capabilities.

Mizutsune releases its bubbles in a variety of ways. It may do a lunging bite and spit them out as it snaps its jaws, sending them bobbing sideways from its snout. It likes to coil around itself and snap its tail back out, flicking three bubbles towards the hunter. I’ve also seen it flip through the air and release three bubbles which then embedded themselves in the ground and stayed there for a short while, acting as a slippery trap. All of the bubbles described here will inflict bubbleblight on contact.

Monster Hunter X - Tamamitsune Bubbles

If you move too far away from this monster, it may flop onto the ground and ride its slippery bubbles across the map towards you. This attack also releases some bubbles from its sides. This attack caught me off-guard the first time I saw it, as no other monster aside from the Ludroth moves forward when it flops like that! It was interesting to see.

Finally, Mizutsune is capable of releasing a powerful water beam. It will coil around itself and then spit out a pillar water, which it will then sweep around the map in a circle, hitting almost the entire area. It moves slowly at first and then speeds up in the middle of the attack, and it can take some getting used to.

Monster Hunter X - Tamamitsune Water Beam

Tune in next week for the fearsome Glavenus, the fiery final fiend from the furious four flagships!

Thanks to the Monster Hunter Wiki for the images.

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