Beasts of Monster Hunter X: Gammoth

Monster Hunter X - Gamuto Render

The Gammoth is the largest of the fanged beasts and our second, ice-covered flagship!

Gammoth is the second of Monster Hunter X’s flagships. It’s the largest fanged beast to date, with a beautiful coat of fur coloured blue in the middle, moving to white away from the centre and finally becoming red on its back, feet and tip of its trunk. Its sides sport a curious pattern that looks almost like an eye on its hulking shoulders, marked by more white fur.

Monster Hunter X - Gamuto Eye

Living in the snow, Gammoth attacks using ice and snow, as well as with its trademark trunk. As you may have guessed, it’s weakest to fire; lightning comes in second. All four of its legs break separately, causing the plating on them to chip and preventing them from being covered in snow again. Breaking off their snowy coat will net you a shiny drop. You can also break its trunk and the armour plating on its head; the trunk ends up heavily scarred, while the plating gets smashed around its edges in addition to its own scar.

It’s difficult to grasp how large Gammoth is until you actually see it; it’s well over twice the size of your hunter. It’s more than happy to use this size to its advantage, often turning around to stomp on you. It often holds itself up on its hind legs before stomping; the longer its front feet are off the ground, the more damage it will do. It may kick up some ice and snow when it does this, inflicting iceblight, and will cause a tremor when it hits the ground.

Monster Hunter X - Gamuto Size

Its trunk, as you may have suspected when you first saw it, is capable of a pin attack; Gammoth can use it to grasp the hunter and swing them around for damage. It has an attack where it swings its trunk in a semicircle in front of it; getting hit by this attack will result in the pin.

Gammoth uses its trunk in other ways as well; it’s how it gets its legs and tail covered in snow. It’ll suck up some snow with the trunk and then spray a blizzard over its limbs to coat them. If you get caught up in this, you will be afflicted with the snowman status. I’ve also seen it simply flop forwards, slamming its face and trunk on to the ground. This does a decent amount of damage if you fail to escape. Another attack has it blows out a bunch of icy air, which inflicts iceblight.

Monster Hunter X - Gamuto Trunk

Conversely, Gammoth may breathe in and drag you towards it, often following up with one of its more powerful attacks, like the one where it jams its tusks into the ground and then throws back its head to smash the hunter. You can, however, use the drawing of its breath to your advantage. I’ve accidentally jumped attacked it in the face more than once because of this attack; I was aiming for its leg, but it dragged me in. I imagine with some quick reactions, you could pull off some powerful attacks and combos by using this against it, especially if you manage to stagger it.

Gammoth has a few ranged options which utilise both its trunk and the snowy area in which you fight it. Something it often does is tossing up a giant snowball and hurling it across the map towards its target, which will fly through the air and inflict snowman on contact. It may also dig up some ice balls to propel at you from a distance. If all else fails, it may just charge across the map while swinging its trunk from side to side.

Monster Hunter X - Gamuto Snowball

That’s it for this icy mammoth. Check in next week for the majestic Mizutsune!

Images lifted from the Monster Hunter Wiki.

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