Beasts of Monster Hunter X: Malfestio

Monster Hunter X - Hororohoruru Render

The Malfestio is a new monster with its very own new status ailment.

The Malfestio, or as I like to call it, the “Feathery Blue Ass Hole”, is a new owl-like monster found in Monster Hunter X. It’s another member of the bird wyvern family, just like the Great Maccau I covered last week. It sports gorgeous blue plumage which has made for my favourite-looking armour set in the entire Monster Hunter series. I’ll likely farm it in future just to look good on my guild card.

Monster Hunter X - Hororohoruru Attack

Like a real owl, the Malfestio is capable of rotating its head all the way around. This took me a few hunts to get used to, as it freaked me out a fair bit; it’s unsettling to be running up behind it only to have its head twist to face you while the rest of its body faces forward. It will often swoop towards you in a straight line after it rotates its head in this way, so get ready to dodge when it turns to stare at you. Annoyingly, when it’s weak, it will sleep on a tree branch out of reach.

The Malfestio has a few tricks up its sleeve. One of them is just in the way it moves. When it runs, it doesn’t always go in a straight line, instead choosing to veer from side to side to throw you off. When it gets close, it may inflict you with a new status ailment that only it can use: confusion. If you move too far away, it will fire a blue beam that will put you to sleep on contact; it may fire this beam out in front of it, or shift it from side to side.

Monster Hunter X - Hororohoruru Sleep

The new confusion status reverses your controls. It can be cured by eating a Bitterbug, and will also go away over time or when you get hit. The most common way to get afflicted with confusion occurs after the monster leaps into the air; it will come back down and slam into the ground, generating an orange ball around itself. Walking into this ball will inflict the status. It is capable of moving the ball by flapping its wings, so get ready to roll as soon as you see it make that initial jump. It may also drop a shiny when it slams into the ground.

When the Malfestio is enraged, confusion will be added to a couple of its other attacks. When it swoops, for example, its claws will dish out the status ailment. It has a move in which it attacks with its tail by fanning it out as it spins in a circle; this attack does damage and nothing more when it’s in its normal state, but when enraged, the tail will inflict confusion. It’s pretty easy to distinguish whether or not the Malfestio is enraged or not, as its ears will be stand up. The ears are bright red on the inside, which you can’t see when it’s not enraged. So if you can see the red, it’s pretty mad at you.

Monster Hunter X - Hororohoruru Confusion

Those ears will appear chipped at their tips when its head is broken, and so will its tail. Both its wings are breakable too; the talons on their peaks will appear to be smashed when you’ve successfully broken them. I’ve found that the talons themselves make a bad target as green sharpness bounces off them, so I’d recommend hitting the membranes of the wings for the break. Both wings break separately for the Malfestio.

Monster Hunter X - Hororohoruru Hover

Next week I’ll get cracking on the flagships, starting with the lightning-based Astalos!

Thanks to the Monster Hunter Wiki for the images.

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