Beasts of Monster Hunter X: Great Maccao

Monster Hunter X - Great Maccau Render

The Great Maccao is the first large monster you encounter in Monster Hunter X, and the latest bird wyvern to be added to the family.

The Great Maccao is the very first of the new monsters you’ll encounter in Monster Hunter X. In the offline portion of the game, it will appear as your key quest to get from one star quests to two star quests. In the online portion of the game, it can be encountered at hunter rank one. It’s the only new monster to not be a key quest online, meaning you can get through to the end of the online without fighting it once.

Monster Hunter X - Great Maccau Minions

Like all bird wyverns, the Great Maccao has minions at its beck and call. Like their larger counterparts, regular Maccao sport bright green bodies with their necks and faces coloured a deep brown. The Great Maccao sets itself apart from its underlings by way of its larger size and gorgeous yellow mane of feathers. It also has a more developed tail.

These two features comprise the Great Maccao’s breakable parts. The head breaks once, which causes the feathers to become tattered and thin. Its tail also breaks once, shattering the spikes around its edge.

Monster Hunter X - Great Maccau Leap

The Great Maccao uses the familiar hipcheck. It comes out pretty quickly, and can do a fair amount of damage if it catches you off guard. It can also jump forward and swipe at you with its claws; it doesn’t do much damage, but it’s a pretty fast attack. You may see it jump into the air and slam its tail on to the ground, doing so three or four times as it spins in a semi-circle. This reminds me a bit of the Kecha Wacha, and the attack it does with its claws. The tail slams do a decent amount of damage, so be careful.

The Great Maccao’s tail is its most unique feature, and it utilises it as much as it can. It will often balance on it, almost like another limb, and can move and attack while sitting on it. Knocking it down while it’s sitting on its tail like this results in a shiny drop. If you get too close while it’s on its tail, it will kick at you with its legs, or jump backwards to avoid an attack. If you stray too far away from it, it will leap and ram into you with its body and scratching claws.

Monster Hunter X - Great Maccau Tail

Hilariously, the Great Maccao has a tendency to fall over after a forward jump for no particular reason. I’ve seen it do this when it’s tired, when it’s enraged and when it’s in its regular state. I feel this really highlights how little you need to be concerned about this monster.

Monster Hunter X - Great Maccau Tired

As you may have gathered, the Great Maccao isn’t much of a threat, just like previous first monsters. Next week, I’m going to be profiling the new owl-like monster, the Malfestio! This one is far more annoying, and also boasts an exclusive new status ailment: confusion.

Images taken from the Monster Hunter Wiki.

One thought on “Beasts of Monster Hunter X: Great Maccao”

  1. The Great Maccao’s falling is actually triggered by its tail breaking. Without the tail break it won’t fall over 😛

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