Hand-On: The Legend of Legacy Demo (Japanese)

The Legend of Legacy - Logo

The Legend of Legacy is due out soon for the 3DS, so I gave the Japanese demo a crack!

I sat down with the Japanese demo for The Legend of Legacy, a game developed by FuRyu. It’ll be out in Europe early next year courtesy of NISA, and it’ll be out in North American on October 13th later this year via Atlus, with a pretty sweet launch edition too.

You can see the fruits of my efforts below. Thanks to the guys at New Game Plus for letting me use all their recording gear, and for putting this up on their channel.

I am so hyped for this game! It looks so great, it’s fun to play, and it uses so many staff members from so many great games, especially the writer, as you’ll hear. So sit back and listen to me prattle on below, guys.

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