Everything We Know About Monster Hunter X


Everything we know so far about Monster Hunter X, Capcom’s next game in the Monster Hunter series!

On the night of the 31st of May, 2015, Capcom held a special Monster Hunter event which only a handful of people could get into. Fortunately, one of these people was Adam Evanko, also known as Gaijin Hunter. He runs an excellent blog and YouTube channel, which you should absolutely check out; he has fantastic tips and advice for both newbies and veterans and a deep knowledge of the game. He’s also really friendly, so seriously, check him out.

Gaijin Hunter was livetweeting the event, and he broke the news of the game’s announcement.

Will I be importing it? Hell yes! I’ll be streaming it weekly with New Game Plus on their Twitch when it comes out, like I’ve been doing with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I’ll also be using it to continue my Beasts of Monster Hunter series, which details information and attacks on monsters in the series.

The game has been slated for a Winter 2015 Japanese release, so it’ll be out at the end of this year for the 3DS. The end of the article will have all of the trailers embedded. I’ll be updating the article with information as it comes, so kick back, read the article, and keep checking back for more news!

July 17th 2015 – Save Data

It has emerged that players of Monster Hunter Cross who also have Monster Hunter 4 G save data on their console will get a bonus in Cross. We’re not sure what it is yet, but it sounds pretty interesting.

What do you reckon it’ll be?

July 16th 2015 – Monsters, Areas, Weapons, Palicoes

Famitsu updated with a bunch of Monster Hunter Cross screenshots. As he has been kind enough to do recently, Kogath sent me the screenshots. There’s also a nice translation from Gematsu and another from Kogath which I’ll be referring to.

The Dinovaldo’s tail is made from highly flammable iron (which I’m fairly certain in not a thing that exists). It can set the tail alight using friction, which it does by grinding it with its teeth. After it burns out the tail becomes covered in soot, and won’t cut as well. I would also guess it does less damage to the hunter.

The tail is naturally blue. I’ve seen an image somewhere of art depicting blue, orange and black tails. I imagine that the tail being on fire is what turns it orange, and it turns black after the flames die and it’s covered in soot. According to Kogath, “its shell symbolises its violent, fiery temper”.

Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Dinovaldo

Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Dinovaldo Blue Tail Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Dinovaldo Orange Tail

The ancient forest is a complex ecosystem which is currently being researched. There are some overgrown parts that are more difficult to access; very little is know about these. The vegetation living there is primitive, and all kinds of monsters live there.

One of these is the Rimosetosu, the herbivorous species we have seen before. We’ve now been informed that their long neck is used to reach food that may be growing in high places. They’re also capable of emitting sounds using the tops of their heads, which they use to communicate.

Another couple are the bird wyverns we heard about last week, the Maccau and Great Maccau. The smaller Maccau often attack with their powerful legs. The Great Maccau likes to sit and face the hunter on its tail, using it as a spring. It’s distinguishable from its minions by its larger size and the big yellow mane around its neck.

Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - View

Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Ancient Forest Long Sword Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Ancient Forest Plants
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Ancient Forest Web Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Ancient Forest
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Rimosetosu Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Great Maccau
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Great Maccau Pack Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Great Maccau Tail
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Maccau Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Maccau Many

The Rathalos, Tigrex, Zinogre and Brachydios were all confirmed to be returning via screenshots.The Bullfango, Velocidrome (pictured amongst the felyne images below) and Great Jaggi were spotted in some screenshots as well.

Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Rathalos Charge Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Rathalos Attack
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Tigrex Charge Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Tigrex Snarl
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Zinogre Attack Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Zinogre Charge
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Brachydios Shine Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Brachydios Explosion
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Bullfango Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Great Jaggi

It’s confirmed that palicoes will have a new healing cheer they can use. The trampolines we have seen previously are, as you may have guessed, used for initiating jump attacks. We’ll also have some palicoes with the ability to set pitfall traps, rather than just shock traps.

The palico we’ve seen in the blue suit is known as the Elite Palico, and is part of the game’s story.

Finally, the felynes now have a place where they can train while they’re off-duty. The alpaca-like moofas are able to pick up and drop off palicoes as required. There’s also a felyne that will trade items and parts with the hunter, probably replacing the Wycoon we saw in 4 Ultimate.

Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Palico

Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Palico Great Maccau Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Felyne Dinovaldo
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Felyne Velocidrome Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Felyne Rock
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Beruna Shopkeep Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Beruna Standing
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Beruna Felynes Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Beruna Blacksmith

We got some more screenshots of the other three flagship monsters in action as well. Check them out below:

Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Bubbles Weapon Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Bubbles Gun
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Dragonfly Trampoline Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Dragonfly Gunlance
Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Popodrome Monster Hunter Cross - 2015-07-16 - Popodrome Trap

It was also confirmed that Monster Hunter Cross will not have underwater battles, guild quest, frenzied monsters or apex monsters. They also confirmed that there will be just the one guild hall.

There’s one more thing I want to point out before I close out this update. Check out the images of the Popodrome, and of the Bullfango. The hunter there is using a hunting horn.

The first thing I want to point is that all of the notes shown (and indeed this is the case for all the notes on all of the screenshots and trailers released thus far) are white. There is no other colour. I’d also like to point out that on the Bullfango image, we actually see a double note, which has never been seen before.

We’re not sure where all the other colours have gone. I suspect it may be the way one of the new hunting styles interacts with the weapon. It could also be that they’re revamped the hunting horn, but I doubt they would get rid of the variety of colours. I’m also curious as to what the double note does. Strengthens the effect, maybe? Counts as two? If it counts as two, we could hypothetically have songs up to eight notes long, which would add a huge variety to the weapon’s song list.

But we’ll find out in due time, I guess.

Nothing on the blue owl monster yet. Hopefully it makes an appearance in the livestream even that’s due to happen on Monday next week. Come check out this article after it, because I’ll be updating it as soon as I can!

July 9th, 2015 – New Monsters, Video

Famitsu has given Monster Hunter Cross a full six page spread this week. Gaijin Hunter has, of course, given us a new video, so I’ll be updating this based on that.

Firstly, the scans themselves, courtesy of Kogath:

Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Famitsu Scan 1 Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Famitsu Scan 2
Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Famitsu Scan 3 Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Famitsu Scan 4
Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Famitsu Scan 5 Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Famitsu Scan 6

The first thing we learned is that the new brute wyvern flagship monster has been given an official name. It is now the Dinovaldo, the Cutting Wyvern, and was known as “the burning blade which mows down hunters”.

The Dinovaldo is a very aggressive monster that will attack as soon as you get anywhere near it. It doesn’t like letting its prey get away, so it’ll likely be more than happy to chase you down as soon as you try to escape or get a moment’s breathing space. They also confirmed that it’s a fire elemental monster.

One particular screenshot has the tail looking red hot, seeming as if it had just slammed it down on to the ground. It’s able to swing the giant sword-like tail around using its powerful back legs. I remember in an earlier update it was stated that its tail changes colour and attack type as it sharpens it in its mouth, so I imagine this would be one of those attack types.

There was also a part of the magazine which pondered as to whether or not its tail would be cuttable. Gaijin Hunter guessed no, though I think it may be possible, but with some kind of special gimmick involved to make it very difficult. We don’t know for sure yet, though. They included a joke that its tail hits so hard, it’ll mean an instant KO for the hunter. Yay fun!

Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Dinovaldo

Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Dinovaldo Screen 1 Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Dinovaldo Screen 2
Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Dinovaldo Tiny Screen 1 Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Dinovaldo Tiny Screen 2
Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Dinovaldo TIny Screen 3 Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Dinovaldo Tiny Screen 4

Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Dinovaldo Art

Next we had the new area, the Ancient Forest. Gaijin Hunter talked a little about how he believed we would be able to find a bunch of new items there.

More new monsters were then shown. He touched on the Rimosetosu, which I like to call the new raw meat factory, but there wasn’t really anything new.

In the announcement video, we saw the hunting horn smash into a new monster and send it flying. This monster has had its name confirmed as the Great Maccau, and has its own minions, known simply as Maccau. They are bird wyverns, and seem to me to be the new Great Jaggi. The Great Maccau has a powerful tail that it can use on its own as a means of support, and also to hop around on. Famitsu stated that its movements are odd, which I imagine would be due to its tail. You need to be careful that it doesn’t become too much for you, else you might get kicked in the face.

The last of the new monsters was one we’ve never seen before. It was what looked like a blue owl, and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. We don’t know whether it’s a large or a small monster, what type it is, or its name. I imagine we’ll find out later. The art below of each individual monster were passed along to me by Kogath. Thanks, buddy!

Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Monster Concept
Top-left is the Great Maccau, with its minion underneath it. The Rimosetosu is the big yellow herbivore, with the bird in the top-right being our mysterious new one.
Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Maccau Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Blue Owl
Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Great Maccau Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Rimosetosu

The next page talked about the returning flagship monsters. Returning will be the Rathalos (Monster Hunter), Tigrex (Monster Hunter Freedom 2), Zinogre (Monster Hunter Portable 3rd) and the Brachydios (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate).

It was mentioned that the Tigrex will be appearing in the prehistoric area, which is the first one. So we’ll probably be seeing it pretty early. There was also a note at the bottom which said that other flagships from previous games would be returning, which Gaijin Hunter took to mean that Nargacuga would be back (it was the flagship of Freedom Unite). I think that is fairly likely, though I won’t count it as confirmed till I see it.

Palicoes were up next! They will have more skills and support sets available. Some heal, some buff, some deal lots of damage. One which was specifically mentioned was a trampoline skill, which involves the palico literally placing a trampoline on the ground for the hunter to launch off and do a jump attack. There will be several more in the game than those mentioned here.

Another thing of note is that one of the screenshots showed a special type of gauge we’ve not seen before. The hunter appeared to be using a gunlance, so we’re not sure whether it depicted the shot type or something else which they got from a particular hunting style. It’s still up in the air.

In Beruna village, they went over what we’re calling the Palico Plaza. There are a number of different cats here who can help the hunter out. One of these is a guide, who can answer any of your questions and I imagine would keep tutorials. The Meonster Hunters are back, and the felyne with a curly moustache dressed in blue is their leader. The girl with the moofas (alpaca-like creature) will assist you in hiring and keeping your palicoes. They also had some images of felyne equipment on the side.

Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Felyne Concept

In town there are places to train your felynes, pet your moofas, and trade items with a felyne. We have a new quest lady, who appeared to be very energetic. There’s a guy who will teach you to play, which they may use to teach everyone all of the new super skills and hunting styles. They also had screenshots of the blacksmith, armoury, shops and felyne kitchen.

Each of the towns returning from old games will be accompanied by an area which is characteristic of that game. The mountainous region from Freedom Unite, for example, will be back. The towns won’t be back just as they were, either; each one will be remixed, and have a few things changed for Monster Hunter Cross.

The magazine featured an interview with three key staff members, including series mainstay Ryozo Tsujimoto. They said they began conceptual work for Monster Hunter Cross when they were still working on 4G.

They talked about the four new play styles.

  • One is like a “legacy” type; it’s just classic hunting for those who want to stick to the way they’ve hunted in previous entries in the series.
  • Another is skill-focused, which allows the hunter to equip more skills than any other hunting style. This implies that skills are something which you equip and then take with you on the hunt. They also said that the button commands for the skills will be similar to what we’re used to.
  • There is an aerial style, which makes it easier to do attacks in the air, and allows the hunter to use more things as springboards.
  • The fourth style was not discussed, as they did not want to get into it yet. They did, however, state that it would be very technical and allow the hunter to turn a bad situation around and use it to their advantage.

Super skills were mentioned, though they didn’t go into them. There will be some skills which unleash a huge attack, and some which do other kinds of things to help in the hunt. Some can be used by all weapons, while others are more specific and can only be used by a few.

Each of the new flagships were stated to be as powerful as each other, rather than some being more powerful than others. This might imply that we will have a choice as to the order we fight them in. I suspect Dinovaldo would be first, after which we select which village we go to next after Beruna, with different villages leading to different flagships.

Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Bubbles Art

Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Popodrome Art Monster Hunter Cross - 15-07-09 - Dragonfly Art

Finally, there will be a full interview posted on the Famitsu website soon, which Gaijin Hunter will take a look at and share any major news.

You can watch Gaijin Hunter’s video here:

June 22nd, 2015 – Weapons, New Monsters, Video

Dengeki magazine had a few scans, which contained a little more detail. Nothing huge, but a few more finer points of previously revealed information has been discussed. Gaijin Hunter has picked it apart and shown us the scans. His video is at the end of the update, with written details preceding it.

He first looked at super skills.

  • The great sword attack shown in the reveal trailer contains a bright red glow, similar to the long sword’s spirit combo.
  • The long sword appears to have some extra powerful attack at the end of its combo.
  • The sword and shield appears to have an attack with a much wider range than usual.
  • The dual blades were shown to have some kind of powerful attack that hits all around the hunter.
  • The lance was shown with a charge attack that ends with a fast and powerful-looking thrust of the weapon. In addition, Gaijin Hunter thinks that there may be a block up on the attack while the hunter is charging; why else would the shield by up as they run?
  • The gunlance’s nova-like attack was revealed to be some kind of shell which lingers. Because the attack is so big, the damage was big as well.
  • The hammer has a huge upward strike, and the magazine said that it was definitely possible to KO the monster with a single one of these strikes. Gaijin Hunter says that the magazine clearly stated there was an upward strike, but in the reveal trailer we saw a downward one. He believes this means that, for the hammer at least, there are multiple super skills.
  • The hunting horn has an attack which lets loose a powerful sonic blast which affects a wide area.
  • The switch axe has what Gaijin Hunter described as “a huge explosion following a huge attack”. This may even do more damage than the elemental phial burst.
  • The charge blade now has an attack which has a huge beam of light. It looks as if this attack will do even more than the already ridiculously powerful bursts.
  • The kinsect on the insect glaive was said to glow and charge at the monster. Gaijin Hunter stresses (multiple times) that he could be reading it wrong as the sentence is constructed weirdly, but it seemed as if it implied the kinsect could grab the blade of the weapon and then charge at the monster. Do keep in mind that Gaijin Hunter spent a good 20 seconds stressing that it was a really weird sentence, so this is still very much up in the air.
  • The light bowgun’s charge shot ends with a huge explosion. Gaijin Hunter wasn’t sure if it consumed ammo or not, as it was another weirdly worded sentence.
  • The heavy bowgun had a similar attack to its light counterpart, but the explosion was even bigger.
  • Finally, it was confirmed that the bow can buff the hunter. They didn’t go into what specifically gets powered up, but they did say that the arrow was shot into the air and then dissipated, showering the hunter in light and strengthening them.

Gaijin Hunter then got into the monsters.

  • The Popodrome will probably charge the hunter with its large tusks. The magazine also included concept art of its trunk, speculating that it will have attacks that involve grabbing the hunter. It has an armoured head, which looks like it’ll be difficult to break.
  • The Carnotaurus sharpens its tail with its mouth, and will then execute explosive attacks.
  • We found out that Dragonfly’s tail actually ends in a claw, so it will probably be able to grab the hunter. We’ll have to deal with it flying around, as well as shooting lightning everywhere.
  • It’s been confirmed that Bubbles is able to inflict a new status effect with its bubbles, which we’re dubbing bubbleblight. We’re not sure what exactly it entails, but it appears to make it difficult to move without slipping up or sliding.

The last couple of pages went over the new maps and fields.

  • The village of Beruna was noted as being the first village you play in.
  • An image of Pokke Village, the one from Freedom Unite, was shown. Specifically, it had the hunter’s house, with a woman standing out front and a felyne kitchen beside it, neither of which were there before. Yukumo village was seen as well.
  • There were images of a new area shown. Except they teased that it may actually be more than one, by posing a question asking if all of the art shown came from just the one area, or whether the readers thought it would be more. It seems as if we’re going to be getting a few new places to hunt in, which will be great. It also looks like we’ll be taken to each quest area by blimp, as one was shown in the art. This would make sense, as the areas are very mountainous.
  • The images shown seemed to resemble the areas the Carnotaurus had been spotted in. If these are your first areas, it may be that the Carnotaurus will be your first monster, which is something touched on in previous updates.

You can watch Gaijin Hunter’s video here:

June 4th, 2015 – New Monsters, Screenshots

A Famitsu magazine was released today, which contained five double pages of information. The website also updated with a bunch of screenshots and concept art. I’ll discuss the Famitsu information first, which Gaijin Hunter has kindly translated via a video which I’ve embedded below, and then throw in the screenshots.

Here are the Famitsu scans, courtesy of Kogath:

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Famitsu Scan 1

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Famitsu Scan 2 Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Famitsu Scan 3
 Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Famitsu Scan 4  Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Famitsu Scan 5

Gaijin Hunter first discussed the super skills available to your weapons. Each weapon has multiple skills at their disposal, and you get to choose which one you take with you before you hunt. Some skills deal a great amount of damage, some grant buffs, and others heal your allies. Each weapon has their own unique skills.

The four hunting styles discussed briefly when the game was announced were brought up here. Each hunting style will be the same for each weapon, and you can choose which one you want to use before each hunt. He specifically mentioned one which allows you to “master the air”, and one which allows the hunter to turn a bad situation into a favourable one.

  • The aerial style allows the hunter to perform giant leaps over monsters and attack them while doing so.
  • The legacy style is for hunters who want to hunt the way they always have in previous games. However, this style gives each weapon some new characteristics. It didn’t go into specifics for each weapon, though.
  • The ultra skill style, as you may have guessed from the name, powers up the super skill you’ve selected.
  • The technical play style wasn’t talked about in detail, but Famitsu did say that it allows the hunter to turn a bad situation around. We don’t know how yet, but an example cited was the dual blades user in the announcement trailer seen leaping through a Rathalos’s fireball.

The weapons and armour you start with in Cross will be known as “Beruda”, which is similar to the name of the new village. Something he pointed out was that the article mentioned “all” 14 weapons, meaning all of the weapons we have in 4 Ultimate will be the ones in the game. So unless Capcom decides to surprise us, we won’t see any new weapon types in Cross.

Web Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Tetsu Swipe
Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Tetsu Blade Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Rath Gun
Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Rath Explosion Web
Web Web

We next got information on the four flagship monsters.

The first monster Gaijin Hunter discussed is a brute wyvern that Kogath has nicknamed “Carnotaurus“. It has a long body, with its sword-like tail making up a lot of it. A couple of different forms were shown as well, which you can see in the concept art below. It sharpens its tails in its mouth, and when it does so, its tail changes colour, with the effects of its attacks changing as well. It can also wield fire.

I’m wondering if Carnotaurus weapons will have the same mechanic as the Seregios weapons did in 4 Ultimate, where they sharpened as you rolled and dodged. Time will tell, but I feel like they could, given it can sharpen its own tail.

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Carnotarus Face

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Carnotaurus Fire Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Carnotaurus Firing
Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Carnotaurus Tail Slam Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Carnotaurus Tail

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Carnotaurus Concept

The next monster Gaijin Hunter discussed was one which Kogath has dubbed “Dragonfly“. It looks to me like a relative of the Seregios, just because of the very similar body shape and the spike on their head. It’s a flying wyvern that uses lightning attacks, and has also been stated to use attacks that utilise its head spike, though we’re not sure exactly how yet.

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Dragonfly Face

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Dragonfly Lightning Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Dragonfly Rearing
Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Dragonfly Roar Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Dragonfly Sound

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Dragonfly Concept

The next monster on the list has been dubbed the “Popodrome“, a fanged beast that uses the ice element. It’s the biggest of the four flagship monsters, and its face, pictured below, appears to be covered in some kind of armour. They talked a bit about its nose in the magazine and also said that it uses its whole body as a weapon, so expect a lot of charges and thrown snowballs.

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Popodrome Face

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Popodrome Charging Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Popodrome Rock
Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Popodrome Rearing Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Popodrome Standing

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Popodrome Concept

Finally, we get to “Bubbles“, my favourite of the four and a new form of leviathan. It got its name from the bubbles it can shoot out, which will inflict the hunter with the all new bubbleblight. This will make the hunter slip and slide, so it’s difficult to move around. Bubbles is also able to utilise its unique claws to attack; they’re quite long, and in the concept art appear to be able to stand up at 90 degrees.

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Bubbles Face

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Bubbles Well Met Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Bubbles Status
Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Bubbles Bubble Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Bubbles Body

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Bubbles Concept

The final pages of the magazine’s Monster Hunter Cross feature discuss some of the new areas and monsters.

The village of Beruna is situated high up on a mountain. It has all your standard Monster Hunter stuff; quest counter, armoury, a home for you to sleep. There are felynes to be found, and instead of a poogie, we have an alpaca-like critter known as a “moofa”. There’s one that lives around Beruna, which a young girl in the village uses to get around. Gaijin Hunter said that the magazine hinted that this young girl may be related to the felyne woman from the village in Freedom Unite.

Web Web
Web Web

There are many things in Cross that relate to its name; one of those is that it crosses over with previous games and allows you to visit past villages. We’re not sure at what point you can move on to them as of yet.

Famitsu showed off some concept art of the first area, which is show in screenshots a bit futrther down. It’s got a definite dinosaur theme, and they hinted that it may be home to the Carnotaurus. We also got a look at the new raw meat factory small monster known as the Rimosetosu; all that was said is that it has a long neck, a big body and it’s a herbivore. While they seem pretty friendly, if you make them angry, they will hit back.

Gaijin Hunter pointed out that they showed off some new vegetation types and scenery never before seen in the series, which may point to the introduction of items new to the series in Monster Hunter Cross.

To finish up, Gaijin Hunter reaffirmed that this game is for the regular 3DS as well as the New 3DS, and pointed out that the game is 60% complete.

The images below are of concept art that have been put up on the website.

Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Beruna Village Concept Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - New Area Concept
Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Weapon Concept Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Armour Concept
Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Human NPC Concept Monster Hunter Cross - 4-6-15 - Felyne NPC Concept

You can see Gaijin Hunter’s video about the Famitsu scans yourself:

May 31st, 2015 – Trailer, Screenshots, New Weapons, New Monsters

Monster Hunter X (Cross) was announced today for the 3DS. The game will allow hunters to go back to villages from four villages across four Monster Hunter generations, each with its own flagship monster – yes, there are four flagship monsters. There are new beasts to fight, new movesets to use and new areas to hunt in. A few were seen in the announcement trailer (embedded below).

The four villages are:

  • Kokoto Village (Portable)
  • Pokke Village (Freedom 2 and Freedom Unite)
  • Yukumo Village (Portable 3rd)
  • Beruna (New to MHX)

The developers are going for a prehistoric feel with Monster Hunter Cross. As such, we’ll be seeing more dinosaur-like monsters and even new plants to reflect the change in scenery.

The developers are placing a great emphasis on making each customisable. Each weapon will have four different styles of play, known as “hunting styles”. This is a concept borrowed from Frontier, and each hunting style for each weapon will generate major changes, with some even altering the moves you’re currently able to use. One of the hunting styles for each weapon will be more technical than the others, making it more difficult to play effectively and requiring a deep understanding of game mechanics to master.

“Super skills” are a concept borrowed from Online. As you may have guessed from the name, these are powerful skills that each weapon can use. There was one shown for each weapon in the trailer. You can combine these with hunting styles and your weapon to forge your own unique way to play the game.

Gaijin Hunter discussed the new techniques seen in the weapons in the announcement trailer, a few of which I noticed and spent a decent amount of time trying to figure out when I should have been doing my assignment. I’ve listed them below, and I’ve also embedded the video below, if you want to watch it yourself.

  • The sword and shield is able to chain a special move after its forward lunge.
  • The dual blades appear to have a new kind of dodge; after going into Demon Mode, they were able to lunge through a Rathalos’s fireball. Whether Demon Mode extended the range of the dodge, or whether it was some kind of counter evade done with pinpoint timing, we’re not sure. Later in the trailer, they were shown spinning into a Kecha Wacha for a flurry of hits.
  • A hammer was shown doing some kind of giant superpound to a Tigrex.
  • A gunlance was shown with what appeared to be a fireball at the end of the weapon; it lasted for a few seconds before dissipating, cooking a Daimyo Hermitaur for that night’s dinner.
  • An insect glaive was seen being jammed into the ground beneath the hunter, generating some kind of area of effect. It looks like it may have been for healing, but we’re not sure.
  • In what is probably my favourite part of the trailer, a gunner was shown leaping over the top of a Rathian and firing some shots downwards as they flew above her. Of note is that they didn’t jump off a ledge – they did so of their own accord.
  • A lance wielder was shown dashing towards a Tetsucabra before smashing it in the face with their shield, followed by the lance itself.
  • A hunting horn was shown swinging into a new monster, which was then sent flying; whether it was the hit itself or a blast of sound that did the real damage, I’m not sure. I’m more inclined to believe the former.
  • A great sword was shown leaping into the air of its own accord, starting a charge in the air and hitting a Zamtrios in the face. Later in the video, it was shown knocking down a Kut-Ku in what Gaijin Hunter thought was a new spirit combo-like option for the weapon.
  • The switch axe was shown to have what appears to be a new elemental burst, with a huge range.
  • The bow was seen firing an arrow into the air, which then caused the hunter to start glowing. This implies the bow is now able to give buffs.
  • A bowgun was shown charging up a shot at a Khezu, which exploded in a ball of flame and knocked the monster from the wall.
  • The long sword was seen with what Gaijin Hunter thought was s charge attack; it appeared that pressing the right button at the right time allowed the weapon to execute a powerful attack on a Zinogre.
  • Finally, we saw a charge blade hit a Brachydios with a powerful diagonal slice.

According to Gaijin Hunter, the biggest thing the developers want to do with Cross is make it personal. They want to give each hunter plenty of options to find their own way to play, and to me, it looks like they’re well on their way to doing that. He talked in his trailer analysis about what he things the four play styles will be, and how he thinks the four main monsters are embodiments are those playstyles.

An idea I’ve seen floating around in some Monster Hunter groups on Facebook is that each of the four flagship monsters represent an element; one for fire, one for water, one for ice and one for thunder. Defeating these will then unlock a fifth monster aligned to the dragon element, which will be the true flagship.

Another interesting thing from the trailer is that it appears that the hunter becomes afflicted with a new element in which they become coated in bubbles. What it would do, I’ve no idea, but check out the screenshot below from the announcement trailer:

Monster Hunter Cross - Bubble

Monster Hunter Cross is built on the same engine as 4 Ultimate was, but with some vast improvements, as evidenced by the customisability and all of the new combos. And before anyone asks – no, data will not be able to be carried over from 4 Ultimate, or any previous game in the series. You do, however, get a bonus if you play Capcom’s new Felyne Village game.

Oh, you also have a pet llama (or is that an alpaca?).

At any rate – watch the trailer below, and keep checking back as we get more information!

I also got a fair but of information from Gaijin Hunter’s video about the things discussed on stage at the event by Capcom staff. You can check that out below:

Gaijin Hunter’s trailer analysis:

The screenshots come courtesy of Gematsu.

Monster Hunter Cross - Beruna Village

Monster Hunter Cross - Fire Flagship Monster Hunter Cross - Water Flagship
Monster Hunter Cross - Ice Flagship Monster Hunter Cross - Thunder Flagship
Monster Hunter Cross - Raw Meat Monster Hunter Cross - Jumping Gun
Monster Hunter Cross - Glaive Heal Monster Hunter Cross - Hammer Tigrex
Monster Hunter Cross - Diving Blades Monster Hunter Cross - Lance Tetsu
Monster Hunter Cross - Sword and Shield Lunge Monster Hunter Cross - Switch Axe

Happy hunting guys, and don’t let the hype train get away from you!

Announcement Trailer:

Official Website: http://www.capcom.co.jp/monsterhunter/X/

Last updated July 20th at 19:38 AEST.


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