Everything We Know About Monster Hunter Stories

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This post is devoted to all the news we have on Monster Hunter Stories. So hit the link and read on!

This post is devoted to everything that’s been so far released regarding the next game in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Stories.

I’m a huge fan of the series, having gone so far as to do a weekly article series on the new monsters a while ago with my Japanese copy of 4G. I stream it every Monday night at 8 PM (Australian Eastern time) with my partner and another friend as well. I’ll be looking to pick up the article series again at the end of the year when I have more time, and revisit 3 Ultimate and Freedom Unite monsters.

The game has a release window of 2016 in Japan, and has yet to be announced for a Western localisation. I feel confident we’ll get it though, as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was the best selling game (in the West) to date. The popularity is growing here.

Earliest updates will be at the bottom, with the most recent at the top. Each update will have categories listed after each date, so you can find what you’re after easily. If not, you can also leave a comment asking for information and I’ll be happy to help.

All released trailers and official channels will be embedded at the end of the article. Enjoy!

January 14th, 2015 – Trailer

Capcom have released a new trailer for the game, which you can check out below. We see a bit more gameplay, including battles and some monsters in use.

Take a look:

September 18th, 2015 – Trailer, Gameplay

Someone has uploaded 15 minutes of Monster Hunter Stories gameplay. Check it out:

September 17th, 2015 – Trailer, Anime

The Tokyo Game Show kicked off today, and there was a hell of a lot of stuff revealed for Monster Hunter! Stories got two trailers, and another super cool announcement.

The announcement was an anime series! It’ll air on Fuji TV next year. We don’t know much about it, but stay tuned!

And then there are the trailers. The first is a story trailer, and it shows off various places around the world of Monster Hunter Stories. Check it out:

The second showed off a bunch of gameplay, and got me super excited for the game (more so than I already was, anyway):

Something to note is that the Diablos had not appeared in any media before the gameplay trailer, so that monster is another confirmed one.

September 3rd, 2015 – Story, Characters

After a whole lot of nothing, Famitsu today updated with a ton of information about Monster Hunter Stories! The website has updated Gematsu has been kind enough to translate it all, so I’ll largely be basing this entry off that article.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Famitsu 1

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Famitsu 2 Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Famitsu 3

Monster Hunter Stories begins with our main character and their felyne companion, Nabiru, qualifying to become monster Riders. The elder of their village gives them the Kizuna Stone as congratulations. This occurs at a time when the people are noticing their land is changing for the worse, which they believe is related to the Kizuna Stone. The Hunters and Riders of the land (including our young hero) must stand up to ferret out and stop whatever is causing this threat.

Riders can bond with friendly monsters known as Otomon and use them in battle, which I’ll get to later. You can find Otomon eggs lying around the place as you explore, with the monster inside the egg dependent on where you found it.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Nest

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Otomon Egg Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Otomon Egg Nest

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Otomon

We have had two locations revealed for the game thus far. It’s been confirmed that there will be more, and there will be some never before seen across the Monster Hunter series.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Starter Area

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Town Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Village
  • Hunter Village – This is, as you may have guessed, a village for humans where our hero presumably resides. It’s set alongside the sea, and contains various shops as well as a Hunter Guild.
  • Starter Field – This is the first area you come into in Stories. It’s my new desktop beautiful and green, containing ancient ruins, a deep valley, and in its centre, some powerful monsters.
  • There have been a few other fields revealed as well, though not in great detail. We know there will be deserts, forests and ice caverns. We should learn more later, maybe even at TGS.

A few of the main characters have been revealed. We have our main character, whose gender can be either male or female. They’re described as a sharp, energetic youngster, full of curiosity.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Character Protagonist

Nabiru is a freaky-looking felyne that travels alongside the protagonist.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Character Nabiru

The Senpai Rider offers helpful advice to the main character. He is very kind, and quite hot-blooded.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Rider

Below is one of your childhood friends, who is just as curious and energetic as the main character. She’ll often encourage them to keep going.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Character Girl Friend

Another of your childhood friends is known to be kind and quite mature for his age. He also dreams of becoming a Rider.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Character Boy Friend

The Elder of the Dragon Tribe is the village’s mayor. He keeps a watchful eye on everyone in the village, and is known for his mischievous nature and love of puns.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Character VIllage Elder

Felynes and melynxes in Stories are known to have some kind of special connection with humans, and can understand their speech.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Character Felyne & Melynx

Battles in Monster Hunter Stories are turn-based, and will feature a rock-paper-scissors system to give on monster an edge in battle. These three options are known as Power, Speed, and Technique. Both Riders and Otomon fight in battle, though it is the Otomon that will be dealing most of the damage. Riders will have different special abilities depending on the weapon they have equipped.

Otomon have a mind of their own, and will generally fight their own way. Once certain criteria are met, they will team up with their Rider for a combination attack. Riders can even jump on to the back of their Otomon once the two share a strong enough bond, making the both of them much tougher. The Kizuna Stone the protagonist gets from their village elder can be used to perform powerful techniques together with their Otomon.

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Bird Wyvern

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Triangle Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Battle

The monsters I’ve spotted so far are:

  • Rathalos
  • Tigrex
  • Rathian
  • Congala
  • Khezu (shudder)
  • Arzuros
  • Velocidrome
  • Yian Kut-Ku
  • Iodrome
  • Lagombi
  • Qurupeco
  • Felyne & Melynx
  • Konchu
  • Aptonoth
  • Kelbi

Did I miss any? Let me know if you’ve spotted something I haven’t!

I’m waiting for either Gematsu to upload a bunch of screenshots, or Kogath to get back to me with some. Once I get them, I’ll update the article!

Monster Hunter Stories - 15-09-03 - Website Monsters

July 20th, 2015 – Tokyo Game Show

There was a Monster Hunter livestream tonight. It mostly focused on Monster Hunter Cross, the new Felyne Village game and Spirits, but we did find out that Monster Hunter Stories will be present at Tokyo Game Show, which will be happening in mid-September this year.

There will be a playable build at the show, and we’ve also been told we’ll get some tons of information on the plot and more aspects of the game. Hopefully we get some more information between then and now; if they’ll have a playable build, I imagine we might get a gameplay trailer or something. I hope so, anyway.

I’d also like to add that Matt, who I stream with weekly at New Game Plus, will be at TGS and will be playing the shit out of Stories and Cross. I’ll be sure to post his impressions.

May 9th, 2015 – Development

Capcom have stated in a meeting that they expect Monster Hunter Stories will have sold 2.5 million copies by March 31st next year.

This implies that the game will be out before then, and if they want to sell that much, it would have to be well before then.

I’m also wondering whether they’re expecting that many sales in Japan alone. It is a lot, but then again, it is Monster Hunter in Japan, which always sells like crazy over there. And this does look like something that could be played by kids, expanding the audience base even further than the rabid fans who bought nearly 2 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 in its first week over there.

Either way, importers – get ready for early next year.

April 11th, 2015 – Trailer, Screenshots

This was the day Monster Hunter Stories was announced. It’s a 3DS RPG game, featuring an art style that is noticeably different from the main series of games. For now, check out the trailer:

You’ll take on the role of a rider rather than a hunter, and something of note is that the main character is seen riding the Rathalos in the trailer. It’ll be interesting to hear this elaborated upon.

In addition, the rider and their palico companion were seen running off with an egg, while being chased by an angry Tigrex. It’s got me wondering if they had stolen that Tigrex egg so they could hatch and raise it, to become an ally like that Rathalos was?

Monster Hunter series director spoke briefly with Famitsu about the game; I’m going to pull this quote directly from Gematsu:

We want to imbue this game with a storyline and brand of fun that can only be done within the confines of an RPG, while still preserving the core sensibilities that people have come to associate with Monster Hunter

So it’ll be an actual, full-fledged RPG, story and all. Siliconera tells us it’ll be telling the tale of the relationship between riders and monsters. As a lover of RPGs, I can’t wait to hear more about this game!

A bunch of screenshots have also been released. Check them out below:

Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 1 Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 2
Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 3 Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 4
Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 5 Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 6
Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 7 Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 8
Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 9 Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 10
Monster Hunter Stories - Announcement 11 基本 RGB

April 2015 Announcement Trailer:

TGS 2015 Story Trailer:

TGS 2015 Gameplay Trailer:

January 2016 Trailer:

Official Website: http://www.mh-stories.jp/

Last updated January 14th 2016 at 18:13 AEST.

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