Beasts of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Oroshi Kirin

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Beasts - Ice Kirin - RenderThis week look at the new subspecies of the one and only majestic ass hole, the Kirin!

The Oroshi Kirin is a horse-like monster classed as an Elder Dragon. It’s deep blue in colour, featuring violet stripes and bright red eyes. Its horn is pink, and larger than that of the regular Kirin. This monster utilises ice-aligned attacks, and as such is best countered with fiery weapons. I also like to call it the Ice Kirin.


Being a horse, the Oroshi Kirin does a lot of prancing around the map. If you get too close to it, you might get kicked in the face by its back legs or stomped on by its front legs. You might even get stabbed with the horn on its head; this horn, it’s worth noting, is the only breakable part of the Oroshi Kirin.

When you try to take a step back, the Oroshi Kirin might lower its head to the ground and charge at you across the map. Or it might just… prance across to meet you. Seriously; it does that a lot. Sometimes it even follows up by trying to stab you with its horn or trying to drop ice on you.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Beasts - Ice Kirin - ChargeThe Oroshi Kirin can drop ice shards at any time during the fight; in front of it, behind it, beside it, all around it, though sometimes they do have a bit of warning beforehand so you can dodge them. Namely, there will generally be a light blue circle on the ground before they appear. Getting hit by these shards, or running into them, will give you iceblight, so try to avoid them if possible.

The Oroshi Kirin gains another freezing attack when it’s enraged. Its horn will temporarily get larger, before it slams it into the ground and sends out a line of icicles in front of it. It also gains a tougher outer skin when it’s mad, meaning more attacks will bounce off it. I don’t yet have a weapon with purple sharpness, but white was bouncing off all parts of its body.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Beasts - Ice Kirin - Ice LineThe Oroshi Kirin can only be fought in the tower top and in the unknown forest. I do not have a guild quest for it, meaning I had to fight it with the regular Kirin in the tower, which was brutal. If you’re wondering, I failed the quest since I was trying it on my own. I’ll have to give it a shot in a group.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Beasts - Ice Kirin - JumpAnd that’s all there is to know about the Oroshi Kirin! Next week we take a look at the Molten Tigrex, which some of you may know as the exploding red Tigrex!

Thanks to the Monster Hunter Wiki for images.

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