Beasts of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Najarala

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Beasts - NajaralaThe first large snake wyvern monster, the Najarala is a weird one to fight! Come in and read all about it.

The Najarala is an aggressive snake-like monster new to Monster Hunter 4, found in the Primeval Forest. It’s the first large monster to fall into the snake wyvern class of monsters, to which its subspecies and Remobra also belong. It’s covered in plates coloured green, yellow and orange and features both fore and hind legs, which it uses to help it move around.

The Najarala is weakest to ice and to water. Its tail doesn’t slice off, but it can break. Its face, hind legs and back are also all breakable. It’s capable of paralysing and stunning the hunter, and this fight is so different to anything else that, like the Nerscylla, it beat me pretty easily the first time I fought it. I remember being in Jaggi armour and getting too close to a scale which then exploded… Man.

Poor hunter is paralysed...
Poor hunter is paralysed…

Being a snake, one of the Najarala’s abilities is to coil around and ensnare the hunter. It will first slither over and form a circle around the hunter, leaving a small gap between its head and tail through which one can escape. It will change its position a couple of times before actually attacking, just to make things harder. From there it can either trap the hunter in its coil and squeeze them until they break free (which is done in the same way they’d escape a pinning move), or it can coil and then release for massive damage; I have had the latter move kill me from near-full health in the past. My armour at the time (not my first time; I promise my armour was better than that) wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t that bad either; I believe I was running a Nargacuga chest with a bunch of other torso up gear. So that’s a huge amount of damage.

Add to this its paralysis bite, which it’s quite fond of using right before the hunter runs out from between its tail and head, lashing out as quick as a… well… as a striking snake. While the hunter’s paralysed on the ground it will make its move. I’ve been hit by that bite a couple of times, and always taken damage from the coil just as my hunter started to rise. From my experience there is no escape once the bite lands, unless someone hits you out of the paralysis. Alternatively, if it’s beginning the coil attack and you’re using the Insect Glaive, you could just vault over its body to get out. My partner does this all the time like an ass hole. Nice and easy.

You can see a scale in the foreground to the left. as well as some vibrations coming off it,
You can see a scale in the foreground to the left. as well as some vibrations coming off it,

The Najarala is able to throw some of its plates, which embed themselves into the ground. It will then rub the plates on its body together to produce vibrations, which make the scales explode. If the hunter is too close to one of them, they will take damage and be stunned. They also explode when it roars. The scales can be destroyed before they explode by hitting them with your weapons.

The Najarala has an attack that’s basically a short burst of concentrated vibrations which hit directly in front of it. It can also dish out a regular bite, which is used far more often than the paralysis one. The first bite is always followed by either a second bite, or some vibrations that will burst any scales that may be lying about. It’s good for the hunter when it does the second bite, as it will sit there for a couple of seconds for some free hits.

The Najarala is able to burrow underground, and seems to enjoy bursting out from under the hunter’s feet, or on a different part of the map for a surprise attack. It can also charge across the map, dealing damage if it connects with the hunter. When it’s tired, which can be seen as its plates turn a pale green colour, it will fall over at the end of this charge, leaving it open for attack. It will feed on Slagoth when it’s low on stamina.

"This is my good side."
“This is my good side.”

That’s all for this unusual snake beast! Next week I’ll be talking about the Gore Magala, the flagship monster for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

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