Beasts of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Nerscylla

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Beasts - Nerscylla Display

This week we look at a monster belonging to a whole new class which no other beastie is apart of. Come on and read all about the Nerscylla!

The Nerscylla is an ass hole spider-like monster that kicked my ass the first time I fought it because it moves like nothing else I’ve ever seen. It falls into a brand new class known as Chelicerata, to which only it and its subspecies belong. It has four legs, two chelicerae and a pair of huge extendable jaws. When it’s enraged, parts of its body start to flash red.

The Nerscylla about to snap its jaws shut.
The Nerscylla about to snap its jaws shut.

The Nerscylla is weak to both fire and lightning. It is capable of inflicting poison, sleep and web bound; the last one is a new status effect that works in a similar way to snowman and muddy, and can be cured with a cleanser. The main difference is that unlike the other two, while web bound, the hunter will be unable to move. While you’re stuck, the Nerscylla will close in for an attack, but I’ve found it pretty easy to escape in time by just mashing buttons and spinning the control sticks. You fight the Gypceros before you fight the Nerscylla, and I’d recommend farming its armour set before this fight, as the poison immunity is extremely helpful.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Beasts - Nerscylla Web

This is another monster which takes advantage of the tiered areas of Monster Hunter 4. When you’re on the lower area, it’ll scamper across the bottom of the upper area where most weapons can’t reach. When it’s not firing webs to snare you with, it’s dripping poison from its back which you need to avoid. On the plus side, sometimes these poison drips turn into shiny drops.

Even when you’re on the upper area, it finds a way to use the tiers to its advantage. It’ll walk around underneath your feet and attack you from below. One of its favourite moves is to extend its jaws and snap them through the stage. This is one of its most powerful attacks, and inflicts poison if it lands. It has a tendency to use this move after it puts you to sleep, making it difficult to escape.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Beasts - Nerscylla Swing

Even the way it moves is different to other monsters. It often scuttles from side to side, and it doesn’t get around just by walking. The Nerscylla gets from one side of the map to the other by attaching some sticky web to the ground and propelling itself forward, which can do quite a bit of damage if it rams into you. It can also stick its web on to the roof and swing from it, which it also uses to get from the lower to the upper level of an area.

There’s a lot to be broken on the Nerscylla. Its face, chelicerae, back and abdomen all break twice, and they all make a notable difference to its appearance. Of note is that after the back has broken twice, it will cease to drip poison. When it gets hungry, it’ll find a dead carcass to consume. Bit of trivia: While I’ve never seen it happen in-game, it’s clear the Nerscylla feeds on Gypceros. It has bits of Gypceros’ hide lain across its back, and in area 5 of the Sunken Hollow there are actually Gypceros corpses wrapped in web hanging from the roof.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Beasts - Nerscylla Hanging

The Nerscylla is probably my least favourite of the fourth generation monsters, but there’s no denying it’s pretty cool all the same. I hope to see some more Chelicerata monsters in future. Tune in next week for the Zamtrios, an Amphibian that looks like a giant shark!

Thanks to the Monster Hunter Wiki for the images.

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